Workshop on Frontiers of Tropical Meteorology cum 11th Meeting of the World Meteorological Organization Working Group on Tropical Meteorology Research

The Workshop on Frontiers of Tropical Meteorology cum 11th Meeting of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Working Group on Tropical Meteorology Research (WGTMR), hosted by the Institute of Environment, Energy and Sustainability (IEES), was held from 21 to 23 September 2017 at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). Speakers at the Workshop on Frontiers of Tropical Meteorology on 21 September are mostly WMO WGTMR members. These distinguished tropical meteorologists also attended the 11th WGTMR Meeting on 22 to 23 September.

About 100 participants from overseas and local tertiary institutions participated in the Workshop on 21 September to learn about the latest development in research on tropical meteorology. Moderating at the Workshop were Professor Johnny Chan, Chair Professor of Atmospheric Science at the School of Energy and Environment of the City University of Hong Kong; Professor Chih-Pei Chang, Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the Department of Meteorology of the Naval Postgraduate School, and Distinguished Chair Professor at the Department of Atmospheric Sciences of the National Taiwan University; and Professor Gabriel Lau, IEES Director. The Workshop covered the following topics: Global Tropical Cyclones: Climatology and Environments for Genesis; Air-Sea Interaction and Tropical Cyclone Intensity Change; Using Aircraft Observations to Improve the Understanding and Prediction of Tropical Cyclones; Effects of Tropical Cyclone on Southwest Monsoon in the Philippines; New Insights on the Madden-Julian Oscillations from DYNAMO; Intra-Seasonal Variability during Indian Summer Monsoon; Winter Monsoon Weather Systems around the Southern South China Sea: Interaction of Large-Scale Motion and Complex Terrain; Aspects of Anthropogenic Climate Change in the Tropics; and Recent Advances in Understanding Heavy-rain Producing Storms over Southern China during Presummer Rainy Season.

The 11th Meeting of the WMO WGTMR was then held on 22 to 23 September. The main mission of this working group is to promote and facilitate the exchange, cooperation, and collaboration among researchers and forecasters on the research of high-impact weather in the tropical and monsoon regions, particularly those considered high priority by National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) in their efforts to improve forecasts and disaster risk reduction. During the 11th Meeting, the status of various action items arising from the previous meeting (Shanghai, October 2016) was discussed, and reports on recent meetings and activities relevant to the WGTMR mission were received. Detailed plans were made of future events to be held within the 2017-18 period, including international workshops on monsoons, tropical cyclones and landfall processes. A review of WGTMR activities contained in the World Weather Research Programme (WWRP) Implementation Plan for 2016-2023 was also conducted. Presentations were also made on the progress of various ongoing and proposed research projects and field experiments under the auspices of the working group.

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