Developing a Sustainable Environment:
Smart Solar Energy Harvesting, Storage, and Utilization

Professor Jimmy Chai-mei YU, Professor Jianbin XU and Professor Xudong XIAO established a multi-disciplinary team consisted of more than 20 enthusiastic scholars for a research project “Smart Solar Energy Harvesting, Storage and Utilization”. The project is honored to be supported by the Hong Kong Research Grants Council’s (RGC) Theme-based Research Scheme (TRS), with a total project fund of HK$76 million. This project aimed at addressing the urgency of developing clean and renewable energy resources to replace fossil fuels, given the fast-growing demand for energy and the recognition of man-made global climate change…

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The large equipment CIGS Evaporation Chamber System established by the research team at Department of Physics at CUHK (The TRS scheme sponsored around HK$ 600,000 for some parts of this equipment).
The stability of perovskite material prepared through the NABR methodology is significantly boosted from one week into two months.
Diagram showing the production of hydrogen from water via micro-fibrous phosphorus/SiO2.