Workshop on Urban Climate, Human Thermal Comfort and Building Energy Consumption

The Institute of Environment, Energy and Sustainability (IEES) and the Institute of Future Cities (IOFC) of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) jointly organized a workshop on Urban Climate, Human Thermal Comfort and Building Energy Consumption at CUHK on 15 January 2018. About 40 participants from overseas and local tertiary institutions gathered at this workshop to share knowledge and exchange views on Urban Microclimate and Modeling.

Guest speakers included Dr Valéry MASSON, Senior Researcher; and Dr Robert SCHOETTER and Dr Cécile DE MUNCK, Researchers of the Centre National de Recherches Météorologiques (CNRM), Météo France, Toulouse. The workshop was moderated by Professor REN Chao, Associate Professor, School of Architecture of CUHK.

At the workshop, Dr Masson gave an introduction on the urban heat island in Toulouse, and illustrated the ways to model the high-rise buildings. He also discussed data gathering on urban tissue for urban climate modelling. Dr Schoetter then described heat waves in current and future climate, and used French cities as an example to evaluate urban heat island and building energy consumption simulations. After that, Dr de Munck discussed the influence of adaptation measures on urban climate and building energy consumption for French cities, and future plans for quantification of the impact of adaptation measures for selected cities in different climate zones.

About Dr Valéry MASSON

Dr Masson specializes in urban microclimate and modelling, including the invention and development of the Town Energy Balance (TEB) model. He is also involved in the design and coordination of measurement campaigns (e.g. CAPITOUL) and interdisciplinary studies.

About Dr Robert SCHOETTER

Dr Schoetter is a meteorologist currently working on the quantification of urban heat island, human thermal comfort and building energy consumption for a variety of French cities.

About Dr Cécile DE MUNCK

Dr de Munck is an urban climatologist who is conducting research towards a generic modelling of the vulnerability and the adaptation of cities to climate change.

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