Professor Gabriel Ngar-cheung LAU Named American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fellow

Professor Gabriel Ngar-cheung LAU, IEES Senior Advisor, Programme Leader (Climate and Environmental Changes) and former Director, has been honored as one of the 2020 Class of Fellows of the American Geophysical Union (AGU). Since 1962, AGU has elected fewer than 0.1% of members to join this prestigious group of individuals.

Professor Lau is honored for his innovative diagnoses leading to important advances in understanding of atmospheric low-frequency variability and El Niño teleconnection dynamics.

About AGU Fellows program
AGU Fellows program recognizes members who have attained scientific eminence in the Earth and space sciences for achieving a breakthrough, discovery, or innovation in their field. The scientific breakthroughs and the paradigm shift that AGU Fellows have led is recognized and admired by their peers in the Earth and space sciences community, as well as by the general public.

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