Professor Amos Pui-kuen TAI Proves and Visualises the Harmful Effect of Ozone Damage on Plants: First Plant-based Measurement of Ozone in South China Region

A research team led by Professor Amos Pui-kuen TAI, Associate Professor of the Earth System Science Programme at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), has successfully quantified and visualised the impact of Hong Kong air pollution especially ozone pollutant on plants and the environment. Although the experiment took place in a rural area and in Spring, which would usually have a lower average ozone concentration, the pollutant level still reached high enough to do significant damage to the bioindicator plant…

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Research findings were published in Atmosphere, an international journal covering research related to Earth’s atmosphere.
Leung, F., Pang, J., Tai, A. P. K., Lam, T., Tao, D. K., & Sharps, K. (2020). Evidence of ozone-induced visible foliar injury in Hong Kong using Phaseolus vulgaris as a bioindicator. Atmosphere, 11(3), 266.

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