CUHK Research Reveals that Methane Emissions can Reduce the Climate Benefits of Subtropical Mangrove Wetlands by Half

An international collaborative study led by Professor Derrick Yuk Fo Lai at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), joined by top-tier scientists from around the world, has discovered that sustained methane emissions from the subtropical estuarine mangroves can reduce its climatic cooling effects by over 50%, over a period of 20 years. The team produced the world’s first-ever multi-year dataset of ecosystem-scale methane emissions from a subtropical estuarine mangrove…

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Research findings were published in Global Change Biology, a top-tier journal in the field of biodiversity conservation and environmental science.
Liu, J., Zhou, Y., Valach, A., Shortt, R., Kasak, K., Rey‐Sanchez, C., … & Lai, D. Y. (2020). Methane emissions reduce the radiative cooling effect of a subtropical estuarine mangrove wetland by half. Global Change Biology, 26(9), 4998-5016.

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