This multi-disciplinary programme focuses on investigating the impacts of climate change and land-use change on the physical environment as well as ecosystems and human communities, on spatial scales ranging from urban centers to continents, and temporal scales from days to centuries. We examine secular changes in the behaviour of extreme weather events, as well as the interactive physical, chemical and biological processes in the air-sea-land environment, with a particular emphasis on the Greater Bay Area, China and East Asia. Implications of climate change on air and water pollution, human health, ecosystem and agricultural productivity, together with the interactive effects with urbanization, are explored. Extensive use is made of computer earth system models of various resolutions and complexities, observational climate datasets, field experiments, remote sensing platforms, and geoinformation technologies. Specific attention is devoted to the development and improved representation of key processes and mechanisms in computer models, as well as the projections of climatic and environmental states in the Greater Bay Area under different socioeconomic scenarios. Our investigators have been working closely with various research units in the University and institutions throughout the globe. Our scientific findings provide pertinent information for planning, policy-making and formulation of adaptation and management strategies in tackling daunting challenges of climate change.

Advancing Air Quality, Food Security and Human Health under Global Climate Change


Dr. Ming LUO
Research Interest: Climate Change, Asian Monsoon, Extreme Climate Events
Dr. Joyce Xiaocui CHEN
Research Interest: Urban air quality and exposure assessment, Personal exposure monitoring and modeling, Toxicology of indoor- and outdoor-origin particles
Dr. Hong QIU
Research Interest: Environmental Health, Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Public Health
Dr. Junwen CHEN
Research Interest: Model Physical Processes, Extreme Events Modeling, Numerical Weather and Air-quality Prediction, Meteorological observation system
Dr. Qingqing HE
Research Interest: Remote sensing of environment, PM2.5 pollution, Aerosol, Spatiotemporal modeling
Dr. Felix Pui-kin LEUNG
Research Interest: Climate Change, Ozone air pollution, Ecosystem conservation, Biodiversity monitoring, Sustainable agriculture, Transient tracers in atmosphere and ocean
Dr. Jing LI
Research Interest: Remote sensing of environment, PM2.5 pollution, Aerosol, Spatiotemporal modeling
Dr. Ronald Kwan-kit LI
Research Interest: Climate dynamics, Seasonal forecasts, Southeast Asian rainfall and droughts
Dr. Zhenning LI
Research Interest: Hierarchical GCM, Modeling Framework in Regional Air-Sea Coupling, Machine Learning Application in Atmospheric Sciences
Dr. Zhiyuan LI
Research Interest: Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution, Exposure Assessment, Source Apportionment
Dr. Yana LI
Research Interest: Hydroclimater Variability of East Asian Monsoon; Regional Response to Global Warming
Dr. Guicai NING
Research Interest: Regional and Urban air quality; Atmospheric environment simulation; Weather-air quality interactions; Meteorology, Environmental, and Public health
Dr. Tuantuan ZHANG
Research Interest: Sub-seasonal to Seasonal Prediction and Predictability, Climate Impact of the Maritime Continent, Tropical Meteorology